The Grind is a creative venture set in motion by midsouth Emmy ® nominated, award winning producer, Jared C. Shumate to further explore not only the field of media and how it shapes the world around us, but as well the intricate web it casts on an ever growing, ever curious audience.

The Grind aims to create visually stunning and engaging original content to bring to the audience at large - our audience and yours. Visual advertising and storytelling is a craft, and to do it right is to understand that each story, each advertisement - and the aesthetics of that story or advertisement - require proper development and unique execution.

Advertising and storytelling are synonymous in The Grind. If you’re not telling a story with your image or your brand, you’re missing the mark. Here at The Grind, we are well versed in the art of storytelling and retaining the attention of our audiences. That’s the cloth we’re cut from. That’s our bread and butter. That’s our specialty!

With cutting edge cameras and industry standard software, backed by a network of genuinely talented artists (producers, writers, directors, photographers, designers, stylists, editors, actors, etc.), we can produce the media you need to attract, build and keep interest in your business.




A showcase of some of the best cinematic video produced by The Grind and the talented individuals we work with.



★ Some of our past and present clients that we’ve worked with to create ★